Brand: Canson

Canson Mi-teintes 160g 32x41cm (20) Earth shades pastel pad

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Canson® Mi-Teintes® is a pulp-dyed colour paper that has won worldwide recognition for its qualities.

Canson® Mi-Teintes® is genuine art paper that contains cotton, combining mechanical resistance and a sensuous feel.  In addition to its qualities as a drawing medium, Canson® Mi-Teintes® complies with the ISO 9706 standard on permanence, a guarantee of excellent conservation.

Furthermore it has the advantage of having a different texture on either side: a honeycombed side characteristic of Canson® Mi-Teintes®; and fine grain on the other


Size: 32x41cm

Pages: 20

Paper: 160g/m2, smooth/gouch, 33% cotton + 67% cellulose, Acid free, 5 earth shades pastel pad

Binding: glued