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Liquitex Acrylic Ink

Liquitex Acrylic Ink! is a high-quality artist-grade ink suitable for all ink techniques. The ink is made from genuine fine pigment. With Acrylic Ink!, a very even mark is created, the ink dries quickly. After drying, the color is water-resistant and the surface repels water. It is easy to make precise details and optical color mixes with ink by painting in layers. The shades do not change when they dry, but retain their brightness. All colors are UV-protected and can be mixed in between, also with other Liquitex series products. The surface of the color dries smooth and satin-glossy.

The colors are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Outside, however, it is good to protect the surface with varnish. Water-soluble acrylic ink is suitable for most surfaces (wood, leather, fabric, silk, plastic, metal, paper, concrete, plaster, cement).

Tools can be cleaned with water. The colors do not yellow or become brittle as they age. Acrylic Ink can be used with brushes, ink nibs, bamboo pens and ink jets. The cap of the bottle contains a pipette, with which you can conveniently dispense ink onto, for example, a palette.

Shake the bottle well before use to level the ink. The most effective shaking position is the bottle upside down to see the pigment releasing from the bottleneck.