Brand: Nevskaya palitra, Joint-Stock Co

White Nights Watercolour set 24 pan plastic box

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“White Nights” are professional watercolours of the highest quality that combine old masters' traditions and modern production techniques. The paints are produced of the finely ground pigments and binders adding Gum Arabic which is recognized as the best natural adhesive for professional watercolours. The colours have high intensity colour hues, which do not tone down even when much water is added. This is provided by the high concentration and fine grit of a pigment. The paints have perfect mixing, smearing and spreading qualities. The palette consists mostly of mono pigment and lightfastcolours.

Shades in the box; 201, 203, 216, 218, 226, 302, 309, 313, 319, 321, 405, 408, 412, 413, 418, 508, 509, 511, 516, 607, 713, 718, 725, 805. In addition, the box has an empty space for 12 buttons

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