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MEYCO Gypsum powder 1kg

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Gypsum powder for gypsum castings and model making. Mixing ratio: 60ml water to 100g powder. Pour the powder into the water and let it moisten for about 2 minutes before mixing thoroughly! The processing time of the pulp is approx. 10 min. Pour the mass into the mold. Gently tap the surface of the mass to remove air bubbles from the mold. Remove the mass from the mold after drying for approx. 90 minutes. You can cut sharp corners from the dried mass with a knife. After drying, the casting turns completely white and can be painted. Warnings: Keep the product out of the reach of children. Do not breathe or eat powder. Wash off surfaces immediately after pouring. Store in a dry, non-freezing place. Keep the bag tightly closed.

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