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Master Class Gouache set 12x40ml

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Gouache consists of fine ground pigment, gum arabic and dextrin as film-forming substances, glycerin, and others.


Gouache is traditionally high-quality paint with case design, after drying it gets the following properties: permanent, opaque, dense, matte velvet effect.


Gouaches are used for painting and graphics of posters, sketches (including book illustration) and other paintings, especially for decorative works.

The package contains the following shades:

  • Zinc White***
  • Yellow Light**
  • Ochre Light***
  • English Red***
  • Red**
  • Turquoise Blue**
  • Ultramarine**
  • Violet*
  • Green Light*
  • Green Dark***
  • Burnt Umber***
  • Lamp Black***

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