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Derwent Coloursof coloured pencil 36 metal box

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Derwent Coloursoft pens are soft, strong, and vivid pigmented crayons in 72 different shades. The velvety softness of the pens ensures even and strong color distribution, and the pens are perfect for mixing and fading colors. Despite the softness of the color core, the pen can be used to draw precise prints, and the pens are also suitable for drawing detailed images as well as for drawing modern still lifes or portraits. 36 The Derwent

Coloursoft color pencil range includes colors:  Acid Yellow, Deep Cadmium, Orange, Bright Orange, Rose, Red, Deep Fuchsia, Loganberry, Blush Pink, Pink Lavender, Grey Lavender, Bright Lilac, Royal Purple, Indigo, Electric Blue, Blue, Cloud Blue, Pale Blue, Grey Green, Green, Light Green, Lime Green, Mint, Lichen Green, Dark Brown, Pale Brown, Pimento, Peach, Ochre, Dark Terracotta, Brown Earth, Black, Persian Grey, Dove Grey, Steel Grey ja White.

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