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CBN Aqua Wash

Charbonnel Aqua Wash is a water-based gravure ink, an artist-level quality ink. Aqua Wash inks have a high pigment content and can be used in lithography, etching, mezzotint, drypoint drawing, aquatint, and monotype and letterpress printing techniques. Aqua Wash paints are water-washable oil-based emulsion paints that do not contain water. The ink can be removed with soapy water so it does not rust tools or tiles (however, they must be wiped thoroughly after washing). If necessary, deep grooves can be cleaned with alcohol. All the colors in the series can be mixed together, the colors have a high viscosity and are easy to wipe. Colors do not soften as they dry. Black ink is the most commonly used ink, so there are seven different black inks in the color chart for etching inks. Black shades differ in their viscosity (adhesion), texture, and shade.